The Irony of Judgement

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Every single day, I see people saying ‘Don’t judge anyone’ or ‘Don’t judge women’ through memes, short films and articles in mainstream media. The fact is, everyone is being judged. All the time. Your school teachers judge you to decide if you’re getting promoted or staying back. Your SAT scores decide whether you get into that university you’ve been dreaming of. Your friends on Facebook judge you from your pics and posts. Your employers judge you, to decide whether you move up the ladder or are out of a job. Potential mates judge you to determine if you’re tall/fair/wealthy/easygoing/romantic. Your friends, relatives, acquaintances and neighbors judge you. Your bank judges you when you want a loan for a larger apartment. The government judges you to determine if you’ve paid your taxes. Similarly you judge everyone else, even the government, when you spend all day arguing politics and when you cast your vote. So, judgements are just a part of life. There is no escape. Deal with it. – Vikkramm Chandirramani

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