The Jungle Book Movie Review

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Just watched ‘The Jungle Book’ today. It’s a lovely film. Neel Sethi is fabulous! Great animation and VFX though I’m not sure tigers and bears can climb that high!! It brought back memories of reading ‘The Jungle Book’ during my vacations when I was a little kid. It was a large sized comic with beautiful illustrations printed on thick chrome yellow colored paper. I remember a sequence in ‘The Jungle Book’ comic when Baloo, having participated valiantly in the battle against Sher Khan, is apparently dead. Both Bagheera and Mowgli are grief stricken. Bagheera recalls what a great friend Baloo was to both of them and consoles a heartbroken Mowgli. As Mowgli tears up, suddenly Baloo awakens laughing and they realize he was playing a prank. Bagheera and Mowgli are relieved and thrilled and then the three of them ride off into the sunset. This is a very touching sequence that would have made for a fantastic closing scene. It moved me when I read the comic, as a little kid. I’m quite disappointed that for some reason they chose not to include it in the film. It would have elevated the film further. It’s a nice film for the family nevertheless, unless you want to sneak in your kids to watch ‘Love Games’, which would be hard to explain to a kid anyway, ‘This uncle is going with that aunty and that aunty is..’..never mind!

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